Current Members

Kaden Plewe

Project: Modeling, optimization and control of energy storage systems for distributed energy resources and microgrids

Expect Year: 2024

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Christopher Martin

Project: Roll-to-Roll manufacturing system optimization

Expect Year: 2024

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William George

Project: Physiological data analysis based on dynamic systems with control approach

Expect Year: 2024

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Yifan Zhang

Project: Dynamic Modeling of Drillstring Vibrations for ROP Optimization, Hammer Drilling

Co-Advised by Prof. Chen and Prof. van Oort

Expect Year: 2025

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Jiamin Xu

Project: Modelling and Control of Directional Drilling and Hydraulics

Expect Year: 2026

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Anjali Patel

Project: State of the art electrolyzers for hydrogen generation

Expect Year: 2023

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Zeyu Yan, Ph.D.

Research: Algorithms, Control, Data Science, Machine Learning, Full-Stack Development

Dec 2021

Nvicta AI

Ph.D. Students

Nick Laws

Research: Optimal Control of Energy Systems Under Uncertainty

December 2023

Jian Chu

Research: Front End of Autonomous Ground Vehicles, Stochastic Control, Optimal Control

December 2023


Mathew Keller

Research: Optimal steering control of directional drilling with reinforcement learning

December 2022

Anduril Industries

Qishen Zhao

Research: Design, Modeling and Control of a Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Process for Dry Transfer of Two-Dimensional Materials and Printed Electronics

May 2021


Qifan Gu

Research: hydraulics modeling and control algorithm design of the drilling system 

May 2021


AmirHossein Fallah, Ph.D.

Research: Advanced Hydraulics Modeling and Cuttings Transport Modeling for Drilling Applications (sponsored by RAPID consortium)

May 2021

Xecta Digital Labs

Soovadeep Bakshi, Ph.D.

Research: A Coordinated control of AMRs for priority-based division and scheduling of tasks in automated manufacturing facilities

May 2020


Matthew Chu Cheong, Ph.D.

Research: Modeling, control and optimization of microgrids and distributed energy resources

May 2019

Tianheng Feng, Ph.D.

Research: Drill-string modeling and vibration suppression

May 2019


Victor Yu, Ph.D.

Research: Modeling, Estimation, and Control of Proton Exchange Membrane-Based Electrochemical Systems

December 2015

Ford Motor Co.

Mohamed L. Shaltout, Ph.D.

Research: Optimal Control of Wind Turbines for Distributed Power Generation

July 2015

Assistant Professor at Mechanical Design and Production Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt

Zeyu Yan, Ph.D.

Research: Algorithms, Control, Data Science, Machine Learning, Full-Stack Development

June 2015

Research Scientist, UT Austin

Zheren Ma, Ph.D.

Research: Cost-Conscious Control Strategies for Wind Turbine Systems

May 2017

Quantum Reservoir Impact

Alex Headley, Ph.D.

Research: Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Proton Membrane Fuel Cells for Control Design

May 2016

DOE Sandia National Lab

Dushyant Palejiya, Ph.D.

Research: Switching Control of Wind Turbine

May 2015

Ford Motor Co.

Budi Hadisujoto, Ph.D.

Research: Control-Oriented Modeling of Dynamic Thermal behavior and Two‒phase Fluid Flow in Porous Media for PEM Fuel Cells

December 2013

Production Associate, 3M Company

Clay Hearn, Ph.D.

Research: Design and Control of Super Conducting Fly Wheel for Utility-scale Energy Storage

August 2013

Research Engineer with Center for Electromechanics at UT Austin

John Hall, Ph.D.

Research: Design and Control of Variable Ratio Gearboxes for Distributed Wind Turbine Systems

August 2013

Assistant Professor at the State University of New York – Buffalo

Master Students

Hansen Qin

Research: Autonomous mobile robots and ground vehicles

May 2021

Kunal Nalamwar

Research: Design, scheduling and control of mobile autonomous platforms

May 2021

Chukwunyere Ofoegbu

Research: Fuel Cell Modeling

May 2018

Grant Zhang

Research: Control of high precision roll-to-roll manufacturing systems

August 2018

Kevin Chen

Research: Control of Integrated Motor and Geartrain

May 2017

Ifedi Anyaegbunam

Research: Development of a battery management system with special focus on capacity estimation and thermal management

August 2016

Vinod Kumar Varala

Research: Modeling of Horizontal Drilling

May 2016

Mingrui Wang

Research: Aging Prediction of Lithium Ion Batteries

December 2013

Alex Headley

Research: Modeling and Control of PEM Fuel Cells for Residential Applications

May 2013

Russell Hall

Research: Design and Analysis of a New Sensing Technique for Casing Joint Validation through Integrating Turns Measurement into a Torque Sensor

December 2012

Philip Henry Michael

Research: Modeling of Mass Transport in Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Ion Exchange Membranes

Co-supervised with Jeremy Meyers

August 2012

Zeyu Yan

Research: Optimal Control for a Modern Wind Turbine System

May 2012

Brenton Edgar Bennett

Research: Modeling and Optimization of the Direct Methanol Fuel Cell System: Relating Materials Properties to System Size and Performance

Co-supervised with Jeremy Meyers

December 2011

Rehan Refai

Research: Hybrid Neural Net and Physics Based Model of a Lithium-ion Battery

May 2011

Sandeep Yayathi

Research: Control Oriented Electrochemical Modeling of Lithium-ion Battery Cells for Applications in EVs, HEVs, and PHEVs

May 2010

Undergraduate Research Supervision

Joey Huang

Research: Integration of path planning and localization for automatic ground vehicles

Fall and Spring 2021

John C. Tanir

Research: Modeling and control of PEM based electrolyzers

Fall and Spring 2021

Rishan Chamdal

Research: Fuel Cell Humidification Modeling

Summer and Fall 2018

Wahab Choudhry

Research: Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots - Mechanical Design

Summer and Fall 2018

Sijin Woo

Research: Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots – Electrical Architecture

Summer and Fall 2018

Ran Trakhtengerts

Research: Control of Autonomous Mobile Robots– Electrical Architecture

Year of Graduation: Summer and Fall 2018

Sheena Mohebalian

Research: Gearbox Design for Electric Vehicles

Fall 2016

Nicholas Matthew Willems

Research: State of the Art of Fuel Cell Modeling, Control, and Characterization

May 2016

Alfonso Pontes Jiménez

Research: Wind Turbine Control

Fall 2015

Anthony J Abousleiman

Research: Wind Turbine Modeling

Fall 2015

Julia Conger

Research: Modeling of Microgrid Systems

Spring 2015 and Fall 2015

Carlos Tovias

Research: Instrumentation for Lithium Ion Battery Cells

Summer 2013

Royce Chang

Research: Plan II Honors Thesis,Infrastructural Challenges towards A Sustainable Future with Hydrogen Vehicles

Spring 2012

Sopeade Lanlehin

Research: Monitoring and Control of Integrated Lithium-ion Battery Packs

Fall 2010

Philipp Rouenhoff

Research: Control of Wind Turbine Towers for Offshore Applications

November 2009 - June 2010 (Exchange student from Germany)

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